Wednesday, November 28, 2012

028. The Great Gatsby (1974)

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, you may have noticed I have a sort of love affair with F. Scott Fitzgerald and his works. Early in October I posted about his collection of short stories entitled Flappers & Philosophers.  Sadly, I've spent a lot of time worrying about the impending release of the new Gatsby movie. I have a lot of respect for Baz Lurman, and I love both Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet, but I'm just so concerned about seeing the story get bastardized and raped by Hollywood to make it 'more exciting' or 'more appealing' to a general audience. I understand that my irrational concern over this movie is both snobby and self-indulgent due to the fact that it ultimately has nothing to do with my life or my overall happiness. Still, my desire for Mr. Lurman to create a masterpiece that will become my new favorite movie has embedded within me high enough expectations that I cannot help but feel I will be disappointed.

In order to better prepare for seeing my middle school crush (Leonardo DiCaprio) ruin perfect the role of one of the greatest literary characters of all time, I sat down and forced myself to watch the 1974 version of the film. In the first twenty minutes of the movie, I must have seriously debated turning it off at least five times. I was watching through my fingers horrified that it might alter my own vision of the characters. In the end, I was surprised to find that I truly enjoyed it. Of course, I missed the little things they decided not to include, like the library scene with the owl-eyed glasses guy, but overall they did a wonderful job incorporating some of the more nuanced aspects of the book like colors and the constant underlying feeling of longing. They did a great job in depicting Nick's role as the observer, placing him slightly behind the other characters in almost every seen. I thought the man who played George Wilson was wonderful as well. It's really a great adaptation as far as book-into-movie films go.

Here are some screencaps I took while watching and then edited for clarity. I took less and less as the film went on because I became more and more engrossed in the events. These are out of order:

On a different note, I want to apologize for the lack of personal posts/pictures. Especially fashion posts. Although I have always considered this more of a 'lifestyle' blog than a fashion blog, those are my favorite posts to read on other people's blogs and they always feel the most creative/individualistic to me. I promise to upload more of these types of things as soon as I get my finals under control! In addition, I've been pretty bad about responding to comments, following back, etc. I promise this too will be taken care of in the very near future!


  1. Whenever I have real high expectations for a movie it is difficult not to be disappointed (hoping that won't happen with the Hobbit!)I suppose you just have to accept it for what it is...I feel like I hadn't heard great things about the '74 movie (I think it's mostly from one friend who's a die-hard fan of the book mind you) but I found it enjoyable as well

  2. I have some concerns about The Great Gatsby as well. I love Baz (we're on a first name basis), but after Australia, I'm concerned about his mental health...eep! I'm hoping that because Leo (also on a first name basis) is usually in fairly acclaimed roles, that this one will be no different!

  3. Love the Great Gatsby, defs one of my favourtie books! i am super excited to do the Baz Luhrmann version!

  4. Love love love it! - Merry Christmas!