Monday, November 26, 2012

027. Some Instagram Photos:

This is just a random selection from my instagram. It's not all my favorites, or my most recent, but it's the ones I kind of feel like talking about, so here it goes:
1. A carousel horse that was added to the decor of On the Other Hand. Also notice the cat pillow behind his front leg.
2. Dinwiddie Hall, my favorite building on Tulane's campus, and home to the Department of Anthropology (my major)
3. A beautiful balcony in the French Quarter. I took the picture while searching for voodoo shops on October 30th
4. Me being a cat on halloween
5. A T-Rex named Sue at the Field Museum in Chicago. I took this during the summer while I was at home.
6. A beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I took it this summer while vacationing there.
7. A cool mask display in the French Quarter, also taken while hunting for voodoo shops.
8. My darling boyfriend Tyler doing his homework on my bed. He hates this picture and tried to get me to delete it, but I think he looks so nice. All my stuff is so frilly and girly he almost looks out of place, but in a good way. He's been doing no shave November, so it's nice to be able to see him clean shaven!


  1. These are some splendid instagram pictures! Love it!

  2. Lovely pictures! You look very cute and so does your boyfriend! oh wait what :--D haha don't get me wrong!

    Selina xx

  3. haha it looks like your guy is in mid-sleep from doing homework. no shame!