Thursday, November 22, 2012

026. Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone in the U.S. is having an awesome thanksgiving! I opted not to fly back to Chicago, as the stresses of travel and of leaving my routine here sound less than appealing. I've been using this short break we get from school to get ahead in my work for finals and get some much needed self-reflection. Two of my close friends Lily and Allie are both here as well! None of us have ever spent Thanksgiving away from our families before, and there is an unspoken sense of closeness and independence as we forge new traditions together. Campus is so dead I feel as though I am living in a post-apocalyptic world. Everything is still. There are no real adults here, only students, and those are few and far between. It's calm and a nice shift from the usual hustle and bustle of the university.

Last night Lily and I looked through art magazines and watched movies about the cosmos. We took every advantage of our freedom from authority, academic work, the law, and stress to clear our minds and relax. I highly recommend investing in some art magazines. If you're someone like me that spends their time wishing they could fill their room with beautiful prints and etsy artwork, than they're the perfect solution. For about $6.00 you can fill your walls with all sorts of art cutouts and preview the work of brilliant up and coming artists. We picked up one  issue of Hi-Fructose and one of Juxtapoz. Here are some of the artists featured:

Audrey Kawasaki:

  Brad Kunkle:

Tiffany Bozic

Found any spectacular artists lately? Know of any great Art Magazines or other ways of finding great art? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. The artwork is amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Sounds like you're having a wonderful day Samantha (even without flying back to Chi). You're so sweet for stopping by my blog - I'll be following along with your adventures now :)


  3. i heart your blog!
    i'm a new GFC follower :)

  4. whoa these are trippy! i'm up here in canada and all i'm hearing is about american thanksgiving, which is also trippy because ours was over a month ago. everyone seems pretty pumped about eating/family/their dogs!

  5. i do love tiffany bozic illustrations, always so different and inspiring!
    Asya, xx

  6. Wow such stunning pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm following you! I'd make my day if you followed back :) xoxo

  7. Thanks,for your lovely comment.
    Wonderful pictures. Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???

  8. One of my favourite thanksgivings was when my college roommate and I had our own thanksgiving together in our apartment. It was so nice to do our own thing. Plus it snowed on thanksgiving that year so that was really nice as well to go play in the snow!

  9. how lovely are these illustrations~ So so so gorgeous~ thank you for sharing!