Saturday, October 20, 2012

017. Collages

Just a quick post with some instagram pics of collages I made. I only started collaging about a month ago, and although I'm lacking in resources, I've found I'm able to make things I'm happy with. I've found it very therapeutic in a way. I can't wait to invest in some ink and stamps and scrapbook paper and stuff! I promise to post some outfit pictures and the like very soon. I know I promised that last time too, but it's true! I'm officially finished with all of my midterms work and ready to blog. Anyways here's the collages:
The first one is electricity about electricity & nature and how they relate/differ. The picture isn't of the whole collage, but It's the part I'm most happy with. I also have some cool electric-looking tree branches coming out to one side. I made it using four different issues of the Tulane Review, a small volume that comes out once a semester featuring a ton of different student submitted art and writing.
The second one is a little rougher. Not exactly the greatest collage ever, but I like the color contrasts. It's made all from magazine cutouts from a single issue of vogue. It was a project completed in the middle of the night during a desk shift.

I also made this new signature for my blog! It's very vintage looking, and I don't know how much it matches my posts etc. but I like it so I'm going to keep it for at least a little while. The template for it came from The Graphics Fairy. You should definitely check out her stuff, it's all so useful!

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