Tuesday, October 2, 2012

014. Things That Happen When You're Too Nice

Last night after working a shift at the front desk in my dorm, I noticed a crowd of people hanging around the front door. Curious to see what they were there for, I walked over and found that they were all surrounding a tiny baby squirrel. Everyone had their phones out and were taking pictures and the like, but the squirrel was very clearly frightened and I bitched at everyone until they backed off and gave it some space.

After sitting and watching it for about an hour, it was very clear that it's mother wasn't coming back, and it was getting cold and starting to rain. The poor thing was shivering huddled under a leaf and crying out. I couldn't just leave it sitting there so a couple of friends helped me smuggle it in through a back door and into a shoe box.

We called every wildlife rehabilitation center we could find, but all of them were still full with animals from Hurricane Isaac. Afraid she would die over night, I made her drink some apple juice from an eye dropper in order to stay hydrated and put her little box on a heating pad so she'd stay warm. Still, I was unable to get her to eat and none of my friends had a car on campus so we couldn't get her formula. We called her Anastasia, or Annie for short since she was orphaned.

Finally today we found a contact at the zoo that agreed to take her. We brought her over to Audobon all snuggled up and learned that she was the third baby squirrel to be brought there today. One of the others was coincidentally taken over by my RA several hours prior. I'm happy that she's in a place that can take better care of her than I can! I was so nervous she was going to die on my watch.

Anyways, here's an outfit I wore out the other night to something called 'the green party'. It was a house party to raise money for the green club at school and was full of exactly the type of awesome hippie people you'd expect to belong to an environmental club. My friends wanted to go because of what they call 'Granola Boys', sweet sensitive boys who are buff from all the mountain climbing lI didn't stay long, but I had fun getting dressed and braiding my hair into a crown! Everything is thrifted except for the gold earrings in the first picture, which are my roommates. The pictures not the best quality, but I love the pants. They're VERY high waisted and come up way past my bellybutton. The corset is cropped short and laces up the front.

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