Wednesday, October 31, 2012

023. Moonrise Kingdom

I can't believe how much I've had to post lately! For people who actually follow me, I'm sorry if I'm cluttering your feed! It's just because so much Halloween stuff has been happening here it'll all calm down after today, I promise.

Like everybody and their mother, I dressed up as Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom during the day today. It was actually a really inexpensive costume! I already owned everything but the binoculars. The hat, dress, and shoes are all vintage. I almost bought some beetle earrings from I don't care if it wasn't the most unique costume ever, I felt like a bad ass all day! Here's the costume:

For those of you who haven't seen this movie yet, you definitely should! It's adorable and happy and clever and beautiful to look at, but I'm sure you don't need to hear that from me because you probably already have from the rest of the internet.

Anyways, Happy Halloween everyone! I'm really enjoying stalking the internet for costumes. One of my favorites so far is this awesome version of Edward Scissorhands by Caitlin at Escapism. Unfortunately I'm not going out tonight because I have a work shift at 6:00 AM, but I hope everyone who does has a wonderful night!

Monday, October 29, 2012

022. Happy October 30th!

It's still technically the 29th here, but I'm super busy tomorrow so I want to post this now. October 30th as always been my favorite day of the year. I guess it's the equivalent of what Christmas Eve is for some people. It's when everything is centered around the expectation of all the candy and the costumes and the spookiness to come. The whole magical vibe is at it's peak, and I love it even more than Halloween itself.
The pentagram I have left over from my Wiccan days in middle school/early high school, it's actually very meaningful to me. The tights I stole from my best friend's closet and the dress and shoes are thrifted. As a second part to this post, I wanted to list my favorite witches. I've been seeing a lot of favorite witch lists lately, and I feel like there are some important ones being neglected.
5. Sabrina Spellman
This is pretty self explanatory. I grew up watching the show almost every day after school.
4. Morgan Rowlands (from the book series Sweep)
I started reading Sweep in the fourth grade, which is WAY to early for that book series. I ended up being obsessed with them for about three years and they really fueled my obsession for the occult. They're a great easy teen read full of drama and magick and witches and sexy witch boyfriends.

3. Margarita (from the Master & Margarita)
If you haven't read this book, you probably should. It's absolutely epic. In short, it's about the crazy events that occur when the devil and his crew roll into Moscow and start fucking shit up. Margarita becomes an awesome witch and attends the devil's wild orgy ball. It's a crazy book with layers upon layers of satirical criticism and philosophy. 

2. Phoebe Halliwell (from Charmed)
Charmed was another one of my obsessions in middle school and late elementary school. Phoebe always stood out as my favorite character. I loved her relationship with the other sisters as well as her forbidden love with Cole, who she must have killed  half a dozen times.

1.  Samantha Stephens (from Bewitched)
My mom once told me that she first started liking the name Samantha whilst watching Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched. I like to think I was named after her, even though it's not entirely true. What's better than a witch with vintage 60's swag?

                     And finally, one last picture of me today making a good bitch face. Tis the season for bitchy witch faces I suppose.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

021. Edwardian inspiration

I've been feeling weirdly inspired by Victorian/Edwardian era fashion and photographs. Last night I had a strange dream with this really weird collage of elements from those time periods. Here's some art-deco and Victorian inspiration pictures, some of them are a little halloweenish:

Friday, October 26, 2012

020. Not Fall Yet....

October has ALWAYS been my favorite month. In first grade I used to tell all my friends I was a witch and be the bossy little leader of 'witch lessons'. That graduated to playing with Wicca and ouija boards in middle school. My obsessions with the occult have always made me look anxiously forward to the seasons beginning to change and Autumn beginning to take over because that meant Halloween was on the way. I'm hoping to get over to a cool New Orleans Cemetery this weekend and snap some Halloween-y pictures there. It's hard to try and find ways to make it feel like October here, because it's still eighty degrees every day. I'm certainly not complaining, the warm weather makes it much easier to get out of bed in the morning. When it's cold all I ever want to do is snuggle up in my sheets with a cup of tea and read.

Anyways, Here's an outfit slightly inspired by the Spring 2013 collection from Alice & Olivia. I've been working my way through a ton of runway pictures from New York Fashion Week, so you can definitely expect some dump posts of those soon. I really like the colors of the Alice & Olivia collection, and of course the vintage/Mad Men-esque feel. You can see all the outfits from it here. There are some BEAUTIFUL gowns, I definitely recommend taking a peak.

Sorry for the glare on my glasses! the pictures are a little off in color, I used a friends camera, but the outfit is even brighter in real life. I don't mind the effect though, It has sort of a dreamy quality to it. The sweater, shoes, and shirt are all thrifted. The shoes are Diane Von Furstenburg and the sweater is Vivian Westwood from the 80's. I got the sweater for a dollar at a garage sale. It's a tad big on me, but I absolutely love it anyways. The skirt I commandeered from my best friend's closet is from Urban outfitters.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

019. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)

I stumbled upon this movie on accident and watched it having absolutely no idea what it was about. It's certainly a little gem, I am happy I took the time for it. It's performed as a modern day opera, every line is sung instead of spoken. Although there are themes in the music, it cannot really be broken up into 'songs' and they're talking about such mundane things most the time that the 'songs' would be boring as hell anyways. The plot was a little bit cliche and over the top, but it worked for the operatic style. The cheesiness seemed both artful and intentional, and even with a shallow plot they brought depth to the movie through stage direction, beautifully constructed color stories, and subtle parallels between the diverging story lines.

The main character, Geneviève, is styled beautifully the whole time. Her signature color is pink, and she looks like a little Barbie for most of the first half. As her character evolves, so does her look. Her bright, single-colored ensembles seem to capture perfectly her character's struggles and add depth to what might otherwise seem a 'simple' plot.

The singing takes a while to get used to, but it definitely grows on you. I watched it with English subtitles on youtube, so I'll link the video at the bottom. Has anyone else ever watched this before? What did you think?

 the movie:

Monday, October 22, 2012

018. Etsy Wishlist October

There are definitely some October themed items sitting around in my favorites right now. The tarot cards are so awesome, but I feel kind of weird about buying tarot cards online. I feel like stuff like that could potentially have some bad juju and end up like a bad episode of Twilight Zone. I really would like to invest in a deck though. Good thing there are plenty of voodoo shops that sell them in the French Quarter! If you click on the pictures it will go through to the Etsy listing for that item. Any items you've got your eye on?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

017. Collages

Just a quick post with some instagram pics of collages I made. I only started collaging about a month ago, and although I'm lacking in resources, I've found I'm able to make things I'm happy with. I've found it very therapeutic in a way. I can't wait to invest in some ink and stamps and scrapbook paper and stuff! I promise to post some outfit pictures and the like very soon. I know I promised that last time too, but it's true! I'm officially finished with all of my midterms work and ready to blog. Anyways here's the collages:
The first one is electricity about electricity & nature and how they relate/differ. The picture isn't of the whole collage, but It's the part I'm most happy with. I also have some cool electric-looking tree branches coming out to one side. I made it using four different issues of the Tulane Review, a small volume that comes out once a semester featuring a ton of different student submitted art and writing.
The second one is a little rougher. Not exactly the greatest collage ever, but I like the color contrasts. It's made all from magazine cutouts from a single issue of vogue. It was a project completed in the middle of the night during a desk shift.

I also made this new signature for my blog! It's very vintage looking, and I don't know how much it matches my posts etc. but I like it so I'm going to keep it for at least a little while. The template for it came from The Graphics Fairy. You should definitely check out her stuff, it's all so useful!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

016. Audobon Zoo

I feel like I haven't posted in absolutely forever! I had midterms all last week and was completely overwhelmed with tests and papers. I have another one this Wednesday, and then I'll be done and able to focus on more blog things.

My boyfriend took me on a date to the zoo to celebrate being done with everything. I know I haven't mentioned Tyler very much, but that's because I'm hoping on doing a post about him fairly soon. In short, we've been dating for about six months, but we were best friends for about eight months before that.

The Audobon Zoo is great because it's so close to my campus (Tulane University). I feel like it's sort of expensive though, but that's because I'm used to Chicago's free zoo. It's not like my boyfriend made me pay anyways, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining. I feel like I should go to the zoo more often and maybe bring a sketch book or a notebook or something. If the animals aren't enough to inspire creativity, then surely the wide variety of people there are. There's always little kids and grandparents and couples and pretty much any other relationship dynamic you can think of. It's such a good place to just observe things. I guess that's ultimately what it's designed for anyways. Plus I associate zoos with being very nostalgic. Every time I'm there I can't help but think of all the other times I've ever been. It reminds me of being in Kindergarten.

Here's the outfit I was wearing. The skirt is vintage and I got the top on sale at Urban Outfitter's awhile ago. The purse is from H & M. I have a tendency to go a little overboard with zoo pictures. I always end up with like a hundred on my camera. I made a conscious effort to cut back this time. I found that it's hard for me to resist taking pictures of birds. The flamingos especially got me this time. I just think birds are so interesting looking. They're built so strangely and always seem to be some kind of combination of awkward and graceful. I think they make good subjects.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

015. Flappers & Philosophers

The Great Gatsby is one of the only novels I ever read multiple times. It seems to me that each time I flip through the pages, it's almost like reading an entirely different book, and I never know whether I'm just noticing more, or if it is because I have changed and grown as a person.

I have always been some what enamored with Fitzgerald because of his ability to throw so many different ideas into one book so masterfully. For me, reading Gatsby is like looking at a finely cut crystal sparkle in the sun. From every angle you examine it, it's moving and changing, and from every angle in sparkles. Wow that's really cheesy.

In the past few months Fitzgerald had been coming up more and more in my life. He was mentioned in t.v. shows I was watching, or in web articles I was reading. I learned that he lived in the same town my boyfriend is from, Westport Connecticut, and that Ginerva King (the woman he based Daisy on) is from a town next to mine. When I got to school I learned he is buried in the town where my roommate lives. It seemed like there were all these threads connecting me to his life, and I decided it was time to pick up another one of his books.

When starting Flappers & Philosophers, I looked upon Fitzgerald as a sort of elusive genius writing long ago and far away about very human things. By the end, I saw him more as someone who knew the same people I did, had the same responsibilities, and shared the same idealism that I think I hold someplace deep and unvarnished in my heart. He was still a genius, but not as elusive. F. Scott Fitzgerald was only 25 when Flappers & Philosophers was published. Most of the stories aren't about the hardships of marriage or middle age, they're about college age kids getting their shit together. To put it more plainly, I found that I could really relate
The book itself was in terrible condition. It was the only one my school library had, and it was a first edition from 1920. The book was falling apart from the binding and had been taped together several times. You could barely make out the faintly engraved title and author on the cover. I love books with character. I had to be so careful reading it so that it didn't fall apart, but it was definitely worth it to see such an amazing old version of it.

It's very hard for me to pick a favorite story, but it might be 'Bernice Bobs her Hair'. I find that with most of them it's not the plot that sticks out, but the characters. My friend Lily says I'm a 'Character Whore', and I have to admit that's probably true. I love his young, bored, courageous heroines. They're the exactly the type of girls I'd like to know or like to be. I think it's amazing in 'Bernice Bobs her Hair' how accurately he captures relations between the two girls. His writing is all so much softer and more romantic than Hemingway's. I see them as so different, It's hard for me to believe the two of them were really that close. I guess they had alcohol in common.

I watched this documentary about him on youtube. His life is so beautiful and tragic, and so is his relationship with Zelda. I definitely plan to read another book by him before the end of the year, perhaps 'This Side of Paradise'.