Saturday, September 29, 2012

013. DIY Washi Tape Silhouette Art

Since I got back to school, my room has been a constant DIY project. I want it to be a sanctuary that I can come back to after class and simply escape in. Decorating it has almost been like filling an altar, picking out meaningful items and symbolic ideas, filling it with candles and incense, trying to create a perfect spiritual balance. My favorite project so far has been my washi tape art.
If you have not yet discovered washi tape, let me be the first to warn you that it is a dangerous addiction. The DIY possibilities are absolutely endless, you can customize basically anything with it, and it's great for scrap booking and collages. I started out with three roles, and I'm already up to nine.
I got the idea from DIY posts here and here. The dear head silhouette is from a site called Man Made, which has some other great stencil downloads as well! The fleur-de-lis I made in honor of New Orleans.

How to make:


-Computer paper
-washi tape (2+ colors)
-x-acto knife
-card stock or poster-board
-glue/glue stick 


1| start by tracing the silhouette you want to create onto the computer paper in pen. I did this simply by opening the image I wanted to make on my computer screen. By taping the paper to the computer screen, the light bleeds through and allows you to see the outline of the shape.

2| Flip the paper over so that the outlined side is DOWN. Cover the plain side in alternating strips of washi tape. Be sure to make your strips long enough to cover the entire width of the shape.

3| Flip the paper back over so that you can see your outline. Using a scissors or an x-acto knife, cut the shape out. Mount the shape onto poster-board using glue, and you're Finished!

I've been really tempted to try even more complicated shapes. I'm really in love with a lot of the cameo artwork by Charmaine Olivia. I was thinking about maybe trying to do something based on this, but I think it's just too intricate and delicate. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the project!

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  1. Beautiful!! I love this subtle way of adding texture and pattern :D

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi