Thursday, September 20, 2012

011. On the Other Hand

On The Other hand is this amazing thrift shop in New Orleans that sells vintage and second hand clothes. Whether or not you're lucky enough to find some hidden treasures, digging around in such an eerie, beautiful place is an experience all on it's own.

When you first walk into the store, you're greeted by a whole host of vintage gowns in varying states of decay. You notice that the dresses are a bit pricey, some of them are marked for nearly two hundred dollars. Just as the disappointment of having such lovely things be so far out of your price range sets in, a warm southern voice from the back of the shop assures you that "Everything in the front of the store is 75% off, and everything in the back is 90% off!"

The old woman sits at a table and smells like cigarettes and boxed wine. She'll offer you a glass of Franzia if you stick around long enough. She always wears a wide brimmed had and dresses up with pearls as if she's attending a cocktail party. She constantly tells you how nice you look, and how much she loves all of the things you're picking out. With all the vintage wedding gowns floating about, you are reminded of Miss Havisham, and although the woman could not be sweeter, she gives you a sad, nostalgic feeling. You wonder if something bad happened to her when she was young to make her want to surround herself with such beautiful things.

The back of the store looks like a closet you made up in a dream. Fantastic old Mardi Gras costumes hang from the ceiling alongside white canopies of mosquito netting. Shoes, hats, wigs, and other oddities like bits of fabric cover every surface without much rhyme or reason. Drawers in the old furniture that decorate the area hold more oddities, like cheesy barrettes and jewelry.

On the other hand is undoubtedly my favorite vintage/second hand store in New Orleans. I highly recommend taking the time to stop by if you're ever in the city. I plan to make another stop there sometime before Halloween. During my last trip I managed to snag a vintage white embroidered dress, a vintage silk Neiman Marcus blouse, some tulle for making a Mardi Gras tutu, and some incredible wooden shoes with epic painted carvings in the heel.

Here is the outfit I wore on the day I went! I have to get out of the habit of taking selffy pictures because you can never see what shoes I'm wearing. Although they are absent from the picture, I promise I'm wearing a pair of awesome lace up boots from the nineties! The skirt I made myself (I wrote about it in an early post already). The necklace is once again borrowed from a suite-mate.


  1. Your hair looks amazing! I wish I lived in New Orleans just so I could go there, it sounds so awesome!!

  2. The dress in the second picture is perfect beyond description *___*
    Also, cool skirt and glasses :-)

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, that is an old Mardi Gras costume, unfortunately not for sale. Maybe some Halloween inspiration though.

  3. oh. my. god. The dress in the second picture is... wow.
    and your outfit is supercute gurl!