Monday, September 17, 2012

009. My Glasses & Philosophy

I love my glasses but I usually remove them for pictures because they cause such terrible glare. I picked them up from a flea market in Illinois for only five dollars. They're pretty much my greatest find ever. They're from the fifties and made of aluminum or some other weird metal. After putting up a bit of a fight, I got Lens Crafters to put lenses in them for me and now I wear them almost daily.

The lovely lady behind me in this picture is my darling suite-mate, Lily. She is one of my best friends and easily the most beautiful person I know. She'll probably be popping up frequently in the future, hopefully not as creepily as she did in this shot. The dress I'm wearing is hers.

I really wish I could have gotten my shoes in the shot. They're this adorable pink and blue floral ked's. I really liked bringing another pattern into the outfit. I meant to write this post the same day I wore the outfit (last Friday?). I had planned to type it out during my Ancient philosophy, but we decided to have class outside and without taking notes. I'm pretty sure that my professor for that class is a graduate student philosophy major. He's either Greek or Jewish and has dark hair with a bigger nose and a hipster beard. He's what a picture a young Socrates to look like and I can't help but picture him wearing a toga for most of the time he's talking. Last class we had our discussion under this huge tree behind the building. He was wearing a white linen shirt and long khaki pants and all the students were in a big circle around him. I felt like he was some kind of philosophical spirit master. It's a very weird course.

Currently I am working my first ever shift as a Desk Attendant at my dorm. I had to get up at 5:45 AM in order to be here by 6AM. Lucking we are allowed to have our laptops between until 10 AM, so I was able to keep myself entertained. Or rather, I was able to listen to the audiobooks of the Iliad for class while I hand-sewed part of this gold bustier I am making (pictures to come). I didn't manage to make it down to the French Quarter to visit voodoo shops this weekend, but I did get a lot of DIY stuff done that I'm looking forward to posting about some time this week!

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