Thursday, September 13, 2012

008. An Outfit and Some Thoughts

This morning was one of those days where I woke up and my closet seemed to be hiding all the good stuff from me. I had a dream that my theater major friend made me try out for all these plays and I woke up craving a custom worthy of this theatrical dream version of myself. Sharing clothes is undoubtedly one of the foremost perks of living with three other college girls. The skirt is from a local New Orleans Vintage/thrift store called Funky Monkey, the shirt (my roommate's) was thrifted. I'm not sure about the earrings (also my roommate's) but I'm definitely digging their 60's vibe.

I got my bracelet from this awesome Israeli jewelry kiosk that used to be in the mall near my house in Chicago. I'm not sure of the EXACT significance, but each little gold coin has a different name for god in Hebrew written on it. It's very Kabbalah-y and also gypsy-ish at the same time.I am Jewish by heritage, but my personal beliefs are really all over the board. I'd love to do a post on it eventually. I love wearing pretty much any type of religious jewelry because I feel like there's a spiritual charge to it no matter what your beliefs.

I'm in a Greek and Roman Religions class this semester and it has been making me think a lot about religion in general. I really hate both the text book and the idiot teaching the class professor, but I find the content interesting. I went through a very pagan phase in my preteen years that I guess I never fully grew out of. It's always really held my interest.

Tomorrow my hope is to head down to some voodoo shops in the french quarter and pick up some neat little candles and charms and things to decorate my room with. If I do go, I'll definitely do a post on what I end up getting!

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