Sunday, August 12, 2012

006. Lichtenstein

The Art Institute of Chicago is currently having an amazing exhibit of the work of Roy Lichtenstein. The exhibit is huge, and I really enjoyed it! the way they set it up is great. It's partially chronological and partially by theme.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the exhibit. It was very hard to narrow it down. I recommend clicking through to see the full-size image, because it's hard to see his signature half-tone dots from the distance at which I took the pictures anyways. They were all taken with my iphone, so I apologize if they aren't exactly straight!

It's funny, I absolutely love his style but almost all of my favorites were a little more muted than his typical bright, primary color scheme. I adored all of his black and white stuff.

Monday, August 6, 2012

005. curry chickpea salad & cucumber salad

I'm not exactly a 'foodie'. I don't love to cook, but I recently found out I had something called Candida and have subsequently had to drastically alter my diet to adhere to some pretty strict guidelines. As a result, I've been cooking a lot more simply because there are so few foods that I can eat and I need to get creative with them. I might be doing a couple food posts now and then because all of this has been taking up so much of my time lately!

The Chickapea curry is based off of THIS original recipe. I altered it by cutting out the raisin's and cashews, mashing the chickpeas a bit more, and adding the shrimp which I glazed with curry powder and lemon. It came out delicious!

The cucumber salad is my own creation. I made it by first peeling the cucumber into thin slices. The sauce is just a mix of lemon, olive oil, and a bit of pepper. I also added just a pinch of freshly grated ginger. I sprinkled some Daiya Mozzarella cheese on top, and it was finished! A summer salad that is quite easy to make and completely vegan/gluten free.

Friday, August 3, 2012

004. Chiacago's Botanic Gardens

After dinner on Tuesday, my mother and I decided to take a walk at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was beautiful out, the sun was setting and it was still warm but with the perfect breeze. The Botanic Gardens is easily one of my favorite Chicago hang outs. We finally renewed our membership, so I plan to spend a lot time there in what's left of the summer. It's a great place to sit and read or write. The photos aren't exactly coherent, my camera ran out of battery half way through so I was stuck with my phone. I'm sure you can tell which ones are a product of instagram.

The top I'm wearing is from Urban Outfitters. I got it for only $10 at their sidewalk sales last July, and the shorts are from Francesca's Collections.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

003. Summer Holiday (part one)

In June my family took a trip to North Carolina where we spent a week in a rented home on the beach. Although the area was breathtakingly beautiful, high winds kept us locked up indoors for the better part of the trip. My boyfriend (whom I will introduce to you to in a later post) surprised me by showing up mid-week and joining us and we got to have some quality snuggle time while avoiding the nasty weather. On our first day there, we accidentally stumbled upon an amazing kite festival in practically the middle of nowhere. All of the sudden there were all these fluid shapes and colors dancing across the the sky over a gigantic sand dune. It was absolutely breathtaking!